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Ironmaori Quarter 2015 (New Zealand)

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Snow Race (Japan)

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Station De Ski Valmoral 2600m (Europe)

Community Fitness and Activity

Moreton Bay Regional Council endorses and supports the TRIDENT RFID PTY LTD application for Government assistance via the IGNITE IDEAS funding for further development, job creation and export of its Fixed installation RFID timing system. “Moving is improving. Life”

Council so far has 4 timing points and 2 Clock locations of its TRIDENT system located along the Redcliffe foreshore. The system has been operating for several years now and they are very happy with the performance and service provided by Trident.

The system forms part of Council’s community program for encouraging local residents to be active and healthy. The system, with its ability to promote not only movement and regular exercise, but a degree of competition and goal setting makes it superior to products that only collect data on an individual user basis.

The system has been used with great success for the recent local Humpybong State School cross country event. Pupils were transported by bus to the Start point at Redcliffe Jetty and Suttons beach and ran along the waterfront to the final timing point at Scott’s Point. Times were collected automatically and provided to the school. The event was very well received by the school and it is expected that they will repeat the event and other schools will follow.

Council organises and co-ordinates a yearly fun run at the end of May. The event has been run two years in a row with several hundred participants in each event. Both events were very successful.

The New features and website “Moving is Improving” that Trident is planning to implement will help to enhance the system by providing greater goals and increasing the attractiveness of the wellness program.

The additional sites proposed both locally and overseas will increase the opportunity for inter-locality, interstate and international competition and feedback. This is most desirable for the popularity and use of the Moreton Bay system.

Council is currently in the process of performing site surveys to increase the number of timing locations in the Moreton Bay region. This will in turn open up opportunity for more participants.

Along with the obvious health benefits to the local residents it also provides an economic boost to the local community. As Trident is a local Queensland business who designs and manufactures the equipment here in Clontarf, much of the raw material supplies and services are sourced locally.

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