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ICP05 - Trident's Custom Sports Timing Chip

Trident can deliver competitive advantage to its customers through the unrivalled depth, capability and experience of its Engineering Team which allows it to create all the basic building blocks needed to do achieve an exceptional result – from its own, very low-level integrated circuits like our ICP05 ‘chip’ (shown here), to the most capable and advanced timing products detailed below. With these building blocks Trident can deliver solutions that achieve complete ‘fitness for purpose’ in the Sports Timing industry – without compromise.


Readers and Components

TimeMachine Pro-XWR V2

The TimeMachine Pro-XWR V2 is the professional reader with all the bells and whistles. We’ve added enhanced features by working closely with our professional race timers so everything you need is built into a lightweight ergonomic case weighing in at only 7kg.

Includes BluetoothUSB, Ethernet & Wi-fi communications with integrated 3G Comms and SIM card for web connectivity and radio modem for mesh networked remote split or spotter systems. Also has DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) allows network devices to automatically obtain a valid IP address.

The standard system supports 4 x Ultra ProMats or Ultra ClubMats. Power efficiency is up to 4x better than Legacy Readers!

Start time is less than 1 second with system instantly ready from power up.

TimeMachine Club V2

No fuss, simple to use systems for club volunteers who don’t time events every day. No need to be an IT guru. Just turn them on.

The TM-Club is ideal for small events and clubs. Club members aren’t timing events every day and often aren’t technically minded, so we’ve kept things simple on the outside to make it easy for you to set up, and turn on. But the smarts on the inside are all there and packed into a small, lightweight, waterproof plastic latched ‘pelican case’.

The standard system supports 2 x 3m or 6m UltraMats and is up to 4 times more power efficient than what you are used to. That translates into 7 hours minimum expected operational life on the internal battery.

And start up time is less than 1 second with system instantly ready from power up. Simple as that!

This puppy weighs only 6kg!! Take it on the plane as hand luggage.

Choose from:

  • TM-Club-LTE V2, the base system, comes with Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB as standard with Static IP address
  • TM-Club-XR V2, with all of the above plus 3G Comms dongle and Radio Modem communications.
TimeMachine UHF V2

Now with UHF ‘6D’ mode – for unsurpassed accuracy when timing at high speeds

Trident’s UHF V2 systems are the only timing systems in the world that offer two UHF operational modes. With the flick of a switch you can move from UHF ‘Gen2’ (ISO 18000-6C standard) operation to UHF ‘6D’ (ISO 18000-6D standard) to deliver the best possible accuracy and read rates when timing fast moving objects such as bikes and vehicles.

The TM UHF V2 system comes with all the same great features that you are used to with Trident DF TimeMachines with minimal change required to move from the DF to UHF systems – everything is familiar and comfortable. If you are new to Timing, and want a UHF system for Bib Timing and Cycling, then you’ll find the system simple and easy to operate and will be timing within minutes of opening the box.

Choose From:

  • TimeMachine UHF4 V2 with four antenna connections.
  • TimeMachine UHF8 V2 with eight antenna connections.
Timing Mats

While they look and feel like an ordinary ClubMat or ProMat they have unique “smarts” built in which create ultimate read rates and distances. We’ve simplified the set up process and taken away the need for colour-coding. Simply plug any mat into any connection port on your reader and you are ready to go.

We’ve also made tuning simple. The UltraMats do it for you. They can be laid out in any environment and will auto-tune themselves by filtering out electronic “noise” and setting themselves at the optimum signal to achieve best-read results for the local conditions.

In fact, these mats outperform your legacy mats by so much that operator error may well become a thing of the past!

Important Note: UltraMats can only be used with the TM Club or TM Pro readers.

Chose From:
– UltraMat 6 meter
– UltraMat 3 meter


Trident ShoeTag

The Trident ShoeTag is made for running and walking events where it’s not too much extra work to allocate tags and collect them after an event.

With the new Trident 2016 microchip and two-hole tag design you can expect class leading signal strength from Trident’s ShoeTag.

The ShoeTag can be customized to your specific design. We offer a design and graphics service. Simply send us your design idea or we can design it for you. It’s your choice!


Trident BibTag

The Trident BibTag is a disposable bib tag for running events.

We can provide it in two form factors:

1. Race-ready, pre-applied to a custom designed and numbered chest bib, or;

2. With an adhesive backing ready to apply to your own numbered chest bibs

No pre-scanning or collection of tags after the event is required, saving you time and money.

Trident AnkleTag

The Trident AnkleTag is made for running, watersport and multisport events. Like the name says, it’s ideal for wearing around an athlete’s ankle.

The AnkleTag’s ergonomic form makes it a smaller, more user-friendly tag and the new AnkleStrap slips easily into its wider custom designed slots.

Uniquely, a small split ring hole in this tag allows pets and guide dogs to be registered and run with their owners in events.


ActiveTag XSV & XSH

The Trident ActiveTag XSV & XSH series are made for motorsports, carting, mountain biking (MTB) and multisport events where you want that extra security of read rates at high speeds. The battery has a one year lifespan and constantly powers the tag so that it is always transmitting, meaning less chance of missing a read when crossing the line at high speeds.

Online Registration

Since the 2015 rollout of the Trident Results platform in NZ, our test market, our penetration has been very encouraging with 80 Events being engaged, with 4900 profiles in our system creating 19,000 Registrations and Payments processed for participants and volunteers. This platform has enormous potential for roll-out and adoption in the US and other territories.


  • Customised Event landing page – Its all about your event.
  • You have control over your events via easy to use manager login.
  • Payment via Credit Card / Account to Account / Invoice.
  • Social media integration – Spread the word as people enter.
  • Agent access for large team entries.
  • Integrated searchable results and participant lists.
  • No fixed contracts, backed by local outstanding support.
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