Welcome to the next generation of digital timing systems.

Timing Readers

We’ve created lightweight simple systems that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to operate. Simply turn them on and everything you need is waiting for you. The next generation of timing technology.

Timing Mats

Trident UltraMats can be used with the TimeMachine Club and Pro series readers to provide a complete dual frequency timing solution. Our LegacyMats are fully compatible your old legacy readers and DF chips.

Timing Tags

Our tags contain our new Dual Frequency chip. They are fully compatible with your existing timing system with the added bonus of a higher read range! ShoeTags, BibTags, AnkleTags and More.


Browse our collection of Trident authorised accessories to improve your timing experience when you are out there in the field. Choose from Test Tags, External buzzers, chargers, replacement parts and more.

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The new Trident Club, Pro and Active series readers weigh just 6kg! Everything you need is in the box

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