Meet the Team

Firstly, we are engineers. Propeller heads. There is no hype. And no hoopla. We don’t have a big budget-marketing department or a waterfall in the foyer. And we don’t have fancy pants marketing people to write blogs and correct our spelling. Our customers are our marketers. They have an idea. They tell us about it. We design and build it. They test it. Then we optimize it. They test it again. (we take a breath). We re-work it. Then, when they say its ready, we commercialize it.

Our design and engineering team is based in Brisbane, Australia where we also assemble our readers and antenna products.

But we also have a virtual network team of contract RFID engineers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, China and Europe who we call on to help us solve problems and contribute to the design process. This also gives us that invaluable “in-country” feedback from all those places where our systems are used around the globe.

With our in-house expertise and external resources on tap we can continually innovate and update our products to give our customers the edge against their rivals.

That’s why we can deliver such superior timing systems to you at such great prices.

We have supplier and channel relationships with many partners in USA, UK, Europe, India, China, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

And it doesn’t stop at the gate. We then provide remote access software support via web-based applications and have field technicians on the ground in USA, UK and Europe to help our customers keep their systems in tip-top working order.

In today’s global market, we are never far away – however far away you are.

Our Partners

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