DF ActiveLoop

Our most portable DF timing option.

The DF ActiveLoop is specifically made for events where you need to capture times of participants  travelling at speed, such as cycling, skiing, or motorsport. It is designed to work best when built into a fixed installation environment. Using underground conduit the loop can be permanently (or temporarily) threaded under any surface making it ideal for getting a mat free uninterrupted split timing point. It can be used on or underneath virtually any non-metal surface. Common applications include motocross tracks, mountain bike trails, race car tracks or carpeted triathlon transition areas.

The largest loop size is 10m, with a maximum of 4 loops able to be run off a single 4 port TimeMachine DF, a 40m wide split timing point is possible.

  • Ultra low profile, or no profile if buried.
  • Ultra portable.
  • Uniform field pattern across width of the antenna.
  • Optimised beam pattern for the Trident active DF AnkleTag or DF ExtremeTag.


Only for use with Trident’s DF active tag range:

The DF ActiveLoop was designed to capture times of participants travelling at speed on a fixed track, such as at:

  • Velodromes
  • Mountain bike tracks
  • Motocross tracks
  • Racecar tracks
  • Athletics tracks
  • Ski racecourses 

The ultra-portable nature of the DF ActiveLoop makes it perfect for timing events in remote areas where it is difficult to carry in a mat, such as: 

  • Trail Running
  • Adventure Racing
  • Endurance Mountain Biking
  • Multisport

The ultra-low profile of the DF ActiveLoop makes it perfect for timing events where it is preferred to have no mat interrupting the split timing point. Typical applications for this include Road Cycling and carpeted areas seen at Triathlons.

Upon receiving your order it generally takes our team two weeks to build and ship your DF ActiveLoop. Delivery time will vary based on your location and shipment selection. If you require your order earlier than the two weeks please contact [email protected].

Delivery options:

International Standard; ideal for trackable non-urgent parcels have estimated arrival in 6+ business days.

International Express; Ideal for urgent parcels with estimated arrival in 2-4 business days between major metro areas.

We are unable to provide any official advice for import costs and process as these are country specific. We recommend that if you are unsure of customs you speak with a local import or custom representative.

Please note that hold up in customs or a failure to collect your items will result in extended delivery times.

If you have unique customs and/or shipping requirement that we need to be made aware of to process your order or if would like to talk to us further please contact us on [email protected].

Start/Finish Split

This configuration is recommended for start and finish lines, the second loop acts as a backup. Loop lines need to be 0.8m apart to create the best possible field. This diagram shows 2 DF ActiveLoops of any length, to create a split timing point with a maximum width of 10m with a 2 port TimeMachine DF or Hybrid.

Two Splits

This configuration is recommended for triathlon transitions areas, it allows for two split timing points from one TimeMachine DF. Loop lines need to be 0.8m apart to create the best possible field. This diagram shows 4 x DF ActiveLoop of any length being used with 4 port TimeMachine DF to create a split timing point with a maximum width of 10m.


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