Our collapseable UHF timing mat.

Our collapsible UHF Mat can be deployed exactly where you need it in less than a minute, reducing the stress of event day set up. The optional trolley allows you to pull your timing point around like a suitcase.

When used with a TimeMachine UHF or Hybrid, the UHF Mat delivers industry-leading read rates allowing you to produce higher quality results. This is achieved through our proprietary ‘DynamicQ’ algorithm and ‘Dense Reader Mode’, which means that UHF tag detection is dramatically improved.

We’ve made tuning for RF field simple. Your TimeMachine does it for you with a push of a button. They can be laid out in any environment and will auto-tune themselves by filtering out electronic ‘noise’ and setting themselves at the optimum signal to achieve the best read rates for the environment.

To increase the width of your UHF split timing point, blank segments can be used to expand the width of the mat line. Scroll down to learn how to best use this configuration.

  • Super slim with non-slip surface.
  • 1 minute setup time.
  • Adapts to uneven terrain.
  • Each segment (1 segment = 1 port) is 65 cm long, 37 cm wide and 22 mm high and has a weight of 3.6 kg. 
  • 4 segment weighs 14.4 kg, 6 segment weighs 21.6 kg, 8 segment weighs 28.8 kg.

Compatible Readers:
TimeMachine UHF and TimeMachine Hybrid.

Compatible Tags:
UHF DisposableTag

Your unlocked TimeMachine is able to decode any UHF Tag operating using Gen2 or IPX, in both ETSI and FCC frequencies.

This band is typically between 860 to 960 MHz, depending on regulations. Typically ETSI is around 860 – 870 MHz, and FCC is typically 900 – 930 MHz.

We recommend using the UHF Mat for high participant events (2,000+) that require disposable tags and where line of sight to the tag, or water/mud aren’t an issue.

As a result of UHF’s limitations we only recommend using our UHF Mat for High Participation Road Running events (~2,000+ participants)

Upon receiving your order it generally takes our team two weeks to prepare and ship your UHF Mat. Delivery time will vary based on your location and shipment selection. If you require your order earlier than the two weeks please contact [email protected].

Delivery options:
International Standard; ideal for trackable non-urgent parcels have estimated arrival in 6+ business days.

International Express; Ideal for urgent parcels with estimated arrival in 2-4 business days between major metro areas.

We are unable to provide any official advice for import costs and process as these are country specific. We recommend that if you are unsure of customs you speak with a local import or custom representative.

Please note that hold up in customs or a failure to collect your items will result in extended delivery times.

If you have unique customs and/or shipping requirement that we need to be made aware of to process your order or if would like to talk to us further please contact us on [email protected].

Start/Finish Split

This configuration is recommended for start and finish lines, the second line of mats acts as a backup. Mat lines need to be 3m apart to create the best possible field. This diagram shows 2 x 8 segment (5.2 meter) UHF Mat being used with 2 x 8 port TimeMachine UHF or Hybrid  to create a 5.2m line, it is possible to use 2 x 4 segment(2.6 meter) UHF Mat with 1 x 8 port TimeMachine UHF or Hybrid to create a 2.6m line.

Blank Segments Split

This configuration is recommended for wide split timing points and uses blank segments to increase the width of the line. A blank segment should not be used opposite another blank segment (dark blue indicates a blank segment in this diagram). Where possible, avoid using blank segments on high traffic timing points or on parts of the line where participant traffic is highest, such as the center. Using blank segments will reduce signal strength and may lead to decreased read rates. This diagram shows 2 x 4 segment (2.6 meter) UHF Mat being used with 4 x UHF Mat Blank Segment, and 1 x 8 port TimeMachine UHF or Hybrid to create a 5.2m line. 

It is possible to use 2 x 8 segment (5.2m meter) UHF Mat with 8 x UHF Mat Blank Segment, and 2 x 8 port TimeMachine UHF or Hybrid to create a 10.4m line.

SideAntenna  Split

This configuration is recommended for split timing points, the UHF SideAntennas increase the likely hood of getting line of sight to the UHF DisposableTag and thus increasing read rates. This split method is the least accurate configuration and is not recommended for start/finish splits. If being used at a finish split the UHF SideAntennas can be placed meters before the finish line and used for the announcer/spotter system. This diagram shows 1 x 6 segment (3.2 Meter) UHF Mat and 2 x UHF SideAntenna being used with 1 x 8 port TimeMachine UHF or Hybrid to create a 3.2m line.


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