Locked v Unlocked; The Difference In Our Readers

Timers around the world are asking: Where can I buy an unlocked RFID reader? The Answer Is Here!

Here at Trident, we only offer unlocked readers. Your Unlocked TimeMachine is unrestricted and can be used with any compatible UHF Antenna and any Gen 2 UHF Tag. This allows you to use your existing Antenna & Tags and gives you the freedom to purchase UHF tags from other providers.

Why are locked readers bad for timers? Locked readers allow the equipment manufacturer to control what UHF tags will work with the reader; this means that you can only purchase UHF tags from that equipment manufacturer. This control over the supply and price of tags can be costly to your business in the long run. The manufacturer can bump up the price, and before you know it, you are paying over USD $1 per UHF tag! 

At Trident, we don’t want hard-working timers paying these exorbitant prices, so we have made our readers unlocked. With us, you can purchase your Gen 2 UHF tags from anywhere you want.

We sell our UHF DisposableTag for USD $0.25, using this tag you will have peace of mind knowing that your Trident TimeMachine & Antenna are specifically engineered to work with this tag – delivering industry-leading read rates.

The graph below compares Locked tag prices of $1 and Unlocked prices of $0.25. Over 10 years with 5,000 competitors per year, you would save USD $37,500. 

Don’t let RFID equipment manufacturer’s control your business, purchase an Unlocked TimeMachine UHF or Hybrid reader today!


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