DF UltraMat

Our light weight DF timing mat.

Trident HyperMat’s have unique “smarts” built into the mat, giving a consistent RF field to deliver ultimate read rates. We’ve simplified the setup process and taken away the need for colour-coding. Simply plug any mat into any antenna port on your TimeMachine DF and you are ready to go.

We’ve also made tuning simple. The HyperMat does it for you automatically. They can be laid out in any environment and will auto-tune themselves by filtering out electronic “noise” and setting themselves at the optimum signal to achieve best-read results for the environment.

Our mat bag is designed to make the most physically demanding part of timing an event as painless as possible. Robust handles and zips ensure you’ll get your HyperMat deployed without damaging yourself or your equipment. We’ve purposely made the bag oversize to make packing up easier. The bag also has three separate compartments for storing timing essentials: cables, multi-plugs and duck tape?

– Robust water resistant PVC coil construction with sewn edges.

– Non-slip material to minimise movement in heavy traffic.

– Self-tuning to optimize read rates reducing the chance of missed tag reads.

– 6m weighs 23.8 kg and 3m at 13.3kg. 

– Only for use with TimeMachine DF.

– Suitable for use with DF Trident and IPICO Sports tags. 

300 years of combined RFID experience.

A serious R&D department dedicated to delivering the most reliable equipment on the market.

Support straight from the horse's mouth.

Diagnose problems with support from the engineers that designed and built your equipment.


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